Monday, February 8, 2010

Verizon FiOS Expands its Self-Service Tools

Verizon FiOS has expanded and enhanced its self-service tools for wireline residential customers, enabling them to do everything from shopping for bundles of services to paying bills to fixing problems with TV and Internet services 24 hours a day.

The broadband connections Verizon FiOS provides its customers have received industry acclaim for reliability and performance. And its only going to get better.

The Verizon tools are designed to be easy for customers to use and to put them in direct control of many needs. The tools also meet the needs of consumers and clients - a growing number of whom use self-service tools every day for such things as paying bills, purchasing airline tickets and making hotel reservations.

We are living in a self-service world which I see becoming the future very quickly. People are ok with taking care of business themselves, as long as support is handy and freely available. Watch out Verizon FiOS TV.... The future looks promising

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Verizon FiOS $150 Back Promotion Ending Soon

If you are on the fence about whether or not to get Verizon FiOS, now is the time to decide. Because when Jan 16th of 2010 rolls around next year, their amazing promotion of receiving $150 back for a bundled package will be history.

The Verizon FiOS promotion has been running with great success, but it is time for a new year with new ideas. And the promotion of 3 services for the price of 2 will be ending as well. There is no better time to get Verizon FiOS than the present, so time is of the essence right now.

Verizon FiOS TV has been getting rave reviews and many people are flocking to this service for the TV picture and amazing audio. FiOS TV has so much to offer every consumer with more HD channels being added every month as well as On Demand movies.

The Verizon FiOS 100 percent digital fiber optic network has been spreading across this nation aggressively. The past year has been a great year for FiOS, but 2010 should be more exciting and promising for sure...

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home Phone Service Costs Less with Verizon FiOS

One way that you can cut back on your monthly bills without sacrificing the services that you need is to switch to Verizon FiOS home phone service. Cell phones can be very pricey, and you need to watch your minutes carefully.

If you go over your allotted minutes for the month you can end up with serious sticker shock from overage charges. But if you switch to Verizon FiOS home phone service you can get the same calling features that you use on your cell phone like caller ID and call waiting for free, along with free unlimited local and long distance calling.

You even get free long distance calls to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Because Verizon FiOS home phone service uses the state of the art Verizon fiber optic network you can save even more money when you switch to Verizon FiOS TV service and Internet service along with Verizon home phone service.

For awhile the trend was for people to drop their home phone service and simply use cell phones, but the high cost of cell phones and the lengthy contracts that are required with most cell phone plans have made people go back to having home phone service. Home phone service is still essential for many people who are at home a lot like self-employed professionals or stay at home moms, and Verizon FiOS home phone service gives you the best quality home phone service at the best prices.

Choose from a bundle of Verizon FiOS services and you can save enough money to pay off a bill, or set aside some money in your savings account or retirement account so that you can get a jump start on building a nest egg for the future. Don’t pay more than you have to for home phone service. Switch to Verizon FiOS and get digital quality, great features, and a price that you can afford.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

How the Verizon FiOS Network Works

The Verizon FiOS fiber optic network is unique for sure and one of a kind. Verizon FiOS uses 100% fiber optic network for home TV service, Internet service and phone service. All digital - all the time.

The FiOS fiber optic network is built with fiber optic cables which are more reliable, faster, and can carry more data than traditionally copper cable. Many cable companies still use copper. FiOS is prime for speed and reliability.

Many consumers praise Verizon FiOS for having fantastic quality picture and sound and rave about the fiber optic network Verizon FiOS built has been ground breaking in the TV industry and innovation. Fiber optic technology gives unbelievable picture and sound with its huge pipe of data transfer. If you have already discovered the power of FIOS internet, you are going to love Verizon FiOS TV.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How the Verizon FiOS Fiber Optic Network Works

The Verizon FiOS fiber optic network is one of a kind. Verizon FiOS is the first company to use an entirely fiber optic network for home TV service, Internet service and phone service. The Verizon FiOS fiber optic network is built on a backbone of fiber optic cables which are more reliable, faster, and can carry more data than traditionally used copper cable.

Coaxial cables, which are what the cable companies and some satellite companies use to deliver their services, have been in use for almost one hundred years and have never been upgraded or improved. As a result cable TV service and Internet service are still slower than they should be based on the technology available today.

The fiber optic network that Verizon FiOS uses is not made up wires, so it is faster and more effective than a cable based network. Fiber optics sends data along the length of an optic fiber, a long strand of glass or plastic that is electromagnetically charged.

Using optic fibers instead of cables means that there will be less data lost, and higher quality images will come through because the images travel with less degradation over the optic fibers. So if you want to watch TV in HD you will get a much clearer HD picture from a service that travels over optic fibers instead of cables because as the signal travels the length of the cable the signal weakens and the picture degrades.

Fiber optics is cutting edge communications technology at the moment but in the future it will become the standard delivery method of TV and Internet service. By building a strong fiber optic network from the ground up Verizon made it clear that they are committed to supporting technology as it develops. If you want great picture quality and super fast Internet service now and in the future you need to choose Verizon FiOS TV and Internet service.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why Verizon FiOS Internet Service is Different From the Rest

Verizon FiOS Internet service gives you speed and reliability that no other company can match. Lots of companies say that their Internet service is fast, but if they are using standard coaxial cable or copper cables their Internet service simply isn’t as fast as the Verizon FiOS Internet service.

That’s because Verizon FiOS Internet service doesn’t run on a network of cables. FiOS is the industry’s first fiber optic network. Instead of using traditional cables or DSL lines Verizon built a new, cutting edge network of optic fibers that transmit information and images faster and with better quality than regular cable.

Optic fibers don’t lose any of the data that is traveling along them the way that regular cables do, so you get faster speeds, more data, and better quality images. Optic fibers also allow more data to travel over longer distances than cables so that increases reliability. Experts have rated the Verizon FiOS Internet service at 99% reliability. That means that you will almost never have any lost streams, dropped data, or screen freezes due to slow connection speed.

Verizon FiOS Internet service also is different from other Internet services because you can bundle it with award winning, expert recommended Verizon FiOS TV service. Because FiOS uses high quality optic fibers you will get better pictures, crystal clear HD, and thousands of channels to choose from including hundreds of HD channels.

When you combine services with Verizon you can save a lot of money without having to give up the high quality services that you expect. Quality, reliability, and affordability are the key elements that make Verizon FiOS an industry leader and a better value than any other Internet or TV service on the market today. Switch to Verizon FiOS and you’ll be amazed at the quality and the value that you get from Verizon.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Verizon FiOS Internet Service Saves You Money and Time

Like most people you are probably cutting back wherever you can to save money but don’t forget that your time is valuable too. Switching to Verizon FiOS TV service and Internet service can save you time as well as money. When you switch to Verizon FiOS TV and Internet service you can choose from several different pricing packages that will give you discounted prices on the services that you need.

You will save money by paying a discounted rate for the services that you want instead of paying higher prices or paying for services that you don’t need. In fact you can combine your home phone service, Internet service, and TV service with the Verizon FiOS Triple Play and get all three services for around $100 a month. No cable company or satellite company can give you the reliability of the fiber optic FiOS network and a great price as well.

Verizon FiOS also saves you time. Having the fastest Internet connection available, and the most reliable, will let you do what you need to do online faster. You won’t have to wait for items to download or pages to load. You won’t have to reboot your computer because a slow Internet connection has caused your computer to freeze up.

You will also be able to watch the news, or a TV program you missed, or listen to a radio broadcast that you really wanted to hear quickly and easily. The Verizon FiOS Internet service is like a pipeline that keeps information flowing to your computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so no matter when you need to get online you will be connected. Your time is important, so don’t waste it waiting for a slow Internet connection. Every minute you waste on a slow connection is time that you could be using to spend with your family, pursue a hobby, or just relax after a hard day. Switch to Verizon FiOS Internet service and take back your free time.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Experts Say Verizon FiOS TV is the Future of TV Service

Verizon FiOS, the first fiber optic network used for TV and Internet service, is being hailed by experts as the future of telecommunications. The Verizon FiOS fiber optic network allows data and images to be sent over much greater distances than traditional coaxial cable and the image and data that travel along the optic fiber don’t degrade the way that they do when traveling along a copper wire or coaxial cable.

The images and data degrade because the coaxial cable isn’t large enough or powerful to hold all the data that is being sent. An optic fiber is much more powerful and can send extremely dense images and data files very quickly through the network.

Because the Verizon FiOS fiber optic network can deliver better quality images and larger amounts of data it will be the network of choice for consumers for years to come. Already consumers are spending thousands of dollars on high end HD TVs so that they can get a real high definition picture in their homes.

Those consumers know that in order to see TV images in true HD they need to use a network like FiOS that has the strength and speed to handle large amounts of data and high resolution images.

Experts are predicting that the rapid developments in technology will make it a necessity for companies that provide TV and Internet services to switch to fiber optics in order to keep up with new formats, more data, and higher customer expectations.

Traditional cable providers and satellite TV companies will need to start from scratch building new networks and investing in more advanced technology will mean a lot of hassle and expense for customers. Verizon FiOS already has a solid fiber optic network in place so customers know that Verizon FiOS will be able to deliver the kind of quality and affordability they want for years to come. Read more about Verizon FiOS TV.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Verizon FiOS TV On Demand - Watch What You Want When You Want

Switch to Verizon FiOS TV service and never miss your favorite programs again, even if they are in HD. Sometimes it’s really tough to make it home in time to catch a special concert, sporting event, movie, or a TV show that you really like.

Between work, family obligations, commuting and other responsibilities people get so busy that they just can’t find the time to do everything they want to do, including watching a favorite program. But you don’t have to buy an expensive recording system or spend hours trying to figure out how to program your digital video recorder in order to catch your favorite shows and movies when it’s convenient for you.

When you have Verizon FiOs you have Verizon FiOS On Demand, and Verizon FiOS On Demand has thousands of popular TV shows, movies and events that you can watch when it’s the right time for you.

Verizon FiOS On Demand has more than 15,000 movies, TV shows and other events available 24 hours a day so that if you want to watch a newly released blockbuster at 2 AM you can. Or if you want to catch up on the latest episode of your favorite prime time drama the day after it airs you can.

Many of the programs and movies offered through Verizon FiOS On Demand are free, and you can watch them for a full 24 hours so that if you get interrupted while you’re watching you can just pause the program and pick it up again later. Best of all, On Demand had thousands of TV shows and movies that are offered in HD so you can still catch your favorite shows in HD even though you missed the original air date of the show.

No other TV service gives you thousands of HD choices as well as more than 15,000 programs that you can watch whenever you want for either a very low cost or for free. That alone is a great reason to switch to the Verizon FiOS network.

Verizon FiOS Availability

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Verizon FiOS is Easy for Anyone to Get Up and Running

The though of having to set up new TV and Internet service scares a lot of people into staying with the service they already have even if they’re not happy with it. But if you switch to Verizon FiOS you don’t have to worry about setting up the TV and Internet service yourself even if you aren’t very technically oriented. Anyone can get their Verizon FiOS TV and Internet service up and running by themselves in a very short amount of time. Once the technician comes out and gets Verizon FiOS installed you should be able to just “plug and play”, or just make sure everything is hooked up correctly and it should work right out of the box.

In order to make sure that you have an easy time setting up your Verizon FiOS TV and Internet services make sure that you:

Read the manuals – It is very important to read over any documentation that comes with your new Verizon FiOS equipment to make sure that you know where all the important parts are located and how they work

Have a working phone – If you’re having Verizon FiOS home phone service installed with your TV and Internet service make sure that you have a cell phone handy in case you need to call customer service. Even though most people have no trouble getting their new Verizon FiOS services up and running Verizon’s award winning customer service reps are there to help if you need them.

Have everything that you need in one spot – Before you start playing around with your new Verizon equipment make sure that you have batteries, a small flashlight, a screwdriver, or any other tools that you might need, as well as any software or installation discs that you might need for your computer, within easy reach so that you don’t have to waste time hunting for them later on.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Verizon FiOS TV has a High Quality Picture

Verizon FiOS has a high quality picture and many users are raving about it. Because Verizon FiOS uses fiber optic cable and not traditional cables like the ones used by cable services, FiOS delivers more information and a higher quality feed to your home than other TV services.

Verizon FiOS has been working on their fiber optic network across the nation which promotes speed and data bandwidth. It is receiving high marks and leave many consumers wanting more.

If you want to get the best possible picture on your fancy HD TV then you need to be using the fiber optic Verizon FiOS TV service in order to get the clearest, most vivid picture possible.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Summer with Verizon FiOS

And sweet summertime is among us, and there is a great way to increase your fun factor by investing in Verizon FiOS. Watching baseball in HD with FiOS TV is pretty amazing.

The crystal clear picture of Verizon FiOS has people talking about fiber optics and how awesome the transmission of data is. FiOS has really stepped up with its lightning quick fiber-optics network. Many consumers are pretty happy with their FiOS.

And if you watch TV at night, all those Comcast commercials are talking about FiOS in a negative way. What does that say about Comcast? Maybe they are scared of what FiOS brings to the table. Any press is good press..

And Verizon FiOS keeps marching on expanding their services across our nation as we head into the back half of 2009. Should be an interesting 2nd half for Verizon FiOS and the broadband market for sure.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Verizon FiOS Can Save You Money

There are several different TV service providers out there, but no corporation or company can help you save money the way that Verizon FiOS can. Verizon FiOS offers specially priced product packages.

By signing up for a package deal you can get the channels that you want, access to Verizon FiOS On Demand service, and other perks like a DVR or HD channels all for one low price. When you combine products and services using Verizon FiOS, you save money. Verizon On Demand is perfect for low cost but high fun dates, family nights, or to entertain friends and can save money on entertainment costs.

Verizon FiOS offers many different kids channels filled with interesting and educational programming that will keep your kids busy all summer long. You can also get ideas for kid friendly crafts and home projects that will help the kids stay active and have fun at home for free.

These days everyone needs to cut back a little in order to make ends meet. Millions of families are rethinking the way that they spend money and trying to make smarter spending choices, such as Verizon FiOS TV.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Verizon FiOS TV Is Becoming Interactive!

Verizon FiOS TV is exploding across the TV airways with its fiber-based TV service. New tools will allow FiOS TV customers to utilize internet widgets to access their FaceBook or YouTube accounts.

This will allow users to download endless YouTube videos and access their community within FaceBook. This functionality should be rolled out sometime in October.

By using an open standard widget, FiOS customers will now have the option to access news, traffic, weather and FaceBook applications. Verizon FiOS may also be beta testing utilizing cell-phones as a remote control - initially for a small number of approved cell phones.

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