Monday, January 18, 2010

Verizon FiOS Unveils New Bundle Options

Verizon FiOS has unveiled new bundle options that deliver up to 35Mbps upstream and downstream and 90 or more HD channels. That is quite an improvement and a considerable option for people who are searching for bundled options.

Speed and HD are the two most desirable attributes that consumers want. This will affect the Verizon FiOS double, triple and quad-play bundles.

The Ultimate and Extreme Verizon FiOS Triple Play bundles include free access to thousands of Wi-Fi hot spots across the United States. Customers also have access to the leading Verizon FiOS TV video-on-demand service, with more than 18,000 monthly titles – including 2,800 in HD – and FiOS TV's advanced interactive media guide, with access to social networking, news and entertainment widgets and more.

The year 2010 will certainly be an exciting one for Verizon FiOS and all that it will offer its customers...

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Verizon FiOS Offering Free WiFi

Verizon FiOS is now offering free WiFi with Verizon FiOS Bundle Packages. The FiOS Bundles consist of the FiOS Double Play or FiOS Triple Play where you put more than 1 service on your account. This is a significant extra for current customers and prospects.

The Verizon FiOS WiFi service is similar to competitors such as AT&T and T-Mobile. WiFi access just gives the consumer more flexibility to access the internet whereever you may be. Its great for the business person who is always traveling.

Verizon FiOS will offer thousands of WiFi hotspots based on the partnership with Boingo. This will enhance the WiFi access in public areas and offer reliable internet connection in remote places.

This addition service offers great value and gives prospects more reasons to sign up with Verizon FiOS. The value-added service that FiOS offers continues to add up and are giving them an edge in the marketplace.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Affordability of Verizon FiOS


Most people are trying to cut back these days and watch their household spending. Verizon FiOS knows that people want to save money without sacrificing quality and offers several different pricing options to fit into any budget.

Well signing up for any bundled package right now gets you $150 back. That is an amazing savings and awesome value for the new customer.

You can customize your own programming bundle in order to get the services and channels that you want at a price you can easily afford. The Verizon FiOS Triple Play, the most popular pricing bundle, starts at less than $100 per month for TV service, Internet service and home phone service.

The $150 back is a promotion for a limited time only.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Verizon FiOS is Advertising with Strength

You have seen Verizon FiOS ads on your TV, I am sure. This is because FiOS is aggressively marketing their fiber-optic network and investing a great deal of time, money and confidence on this ground-breaking technology.

And new this month are promotions to really gain new customers by offering $150 cash back when you sign up for the Verizon FiOS Triple Play. Everyone needs internet, TV and phone - so why not bundle the 3 together and offer value to the end user!

Verizon FiOS continues to spread their services in 2009 across this nation. FiOS is gaining marketshare with their lightning quick fiber optic network that has many experts talking.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Verizon FiOS and the Best Way to Get Deals

Verizon FiOS is a cutting edge fiber optic based network for TV, digital VOIP phone and the fastest Internet connection in the marketplace. There are some unique ways that you can get great deals on Verizon FiOS Services.

Usually, new Verizon customers can get great trial offers, and when you sign up online - there are usually some great valued-offers. Also, look for packages such as the Verizon FiOS Triple Play.

Shop prices on Upgrades and if you are already a Verizon customer, you might get some great incentives to choose different features with your plan. I wrote a complete article on Best Deals on Verizon FiOS Services.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Verizon FiOS and the Triple Play

Are you looking get high quality digital TV service, awesome VOIP phone service, and the fastest Internet connection possible for as little as $100 per month? How about $74.99 to be exact (for a limited time only). The Verizon FiOS Triple Play packages all 3 services and is now offering a holiday special.

Limited Time Offer on Verizon Bundles!

There is no better option than the Verizon FiOS Triple Play, as it offers the consumer the most value and maximizes savings. Everyone wants a screaming fast Internet connection, and now its possible with the lightning quick fiber optic network from FiOS.

Bundles like the Verizon FiOS Triple Play that combine TV, digital VOIP phone service and high speed Internet service are extremely popular because of the great value and easy ordering.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Verizon FiOS Tips for Awesome Deals

If you are thinking about trying the new Verizon FiOS fiber optic digital TV, digital phone and high speed Internet services from Verizon, then you are in luck. The Verizon FiOS network is all the rage now with its high quality, reliability, and innovation in its new fiber optic super highway.
The best advice I have to save money with Verizon FiOS is to go with a packaged bundle like the Verizon FiOS Triple Play. The Triple Play gives you Internet, phone and digital TV service and offers the greatest value and mazimizes savings.

There is also a double play where you can piggyback 2 services, but the cost savings isn't as great. You can pick your 2 services and customize the package anyway you like. Save money by choosing what features you want.

Currently, the cost of the Verizon FiOS Triple Play is $79.99 per month... which is a great deal and savings are significant. It includes home phone, internet and TV and is the most popular deal from Verizon FiOS!

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Verizon FiOS Triple Play Saves Money!

And it's as simple as that. The economy continues to suffer and Verizon FiOS offers value packages where you can bundle up services such as voice, high-speed Internet and television without you can save money.

Available now, the new Verizon FiOS Triple Play provides consumers with more simplicity and better value, compared with choices from competitors. Verizon FiOS new triple-play bundles start at $79.99 per month for a year. Double-play bundles are also available for people looking for 2 of the services together.

The Verizon FiOS Triple Play save money and gives consumers value for their time and investment in return for today's broadband and entertainment services.

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