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Verizon FiOS - Backup Your Data Online

If you have never lost data due to a hard drive crash, never seen important files wiped out by a virus, and never struggled to reconstruct data that was not backed up, consider yourself lucky. Also keep in mind that you simply have not faced this catastrophe yet; it could happen at any time. Verizon FiOS can keep your data safe and make sure you never face the stark reality of lost data.

If you have lost data, you understand the importance of an easy, reliable backup method. However, you still may not be backing up as regularly as you would like. Maybe it’s not convenient, maybe you don’t think of it, or maybe you just don’t have a good backup destination. When you sign up for Internet access through Verizon FiOS, all that changes.

Verizon FiOS is the first home Internet service to bring fiber-optic all the way to your computer. Other Internet service providers use fiber-optic all the way to the curb. With Verizon FiOS you have the fastest available Internet access, for less than you’re currently paying for cable Internet access.

Your Verizon FiOS connection is not only the fastest access available. It also comes with a host of great services, including access to exclusive gaming news, games, and reviews, movie and music reviews and interviews, and more.

And to protect your data, Verizon FiOS offers an optional online backup service. Easily back up your data to Verizon’s online storage area, and know that you have a secure, reliable copy of all your important data.

You may have considered online backup before, but hesitated to trust your important files to an online backup service. While most of these services are very reputable and offer legitimate backup services, there are a few fly-by-night companies, and a few that just never really got off the ground and went out of business—taking customers’ backups down with them. When you backup your data through Verizon FiOS, you know you’re covered.

Secure online backup is only one feature of Verizon FiOS, albeit an important feature. If you remain undecided about Verizon FiOS, you may want more information.

As mentioned, Verizon FiOS offers the fastest home Internet access available, with fiber-optic connection all the way to your computer. While other Internet providers brag about fiber-optic connections, these only go to the curb; FiOS brings fiber-optic all the way into your home, and is the only provider who does.

With plans starting at $42.99, Verizon FiOS offers faster connections at lower prices than cable. If you’re frustrated with the service your cable provider offers, you’ll love the service you get from Verizon FiOS.

You’ll also get access to loads of exclusive content. In the Verizon Arcade, you’ll find the hottest games, game reviews and gaming industry news, as well as movie reviews and trailers, interviews with stars and directors, music videos, and exclusive song mixes.

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