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Verizon FiOS - Get Games on Demand with Verizon FiOS

When you switch your Internet access to Verizon FiOS fiber-optic high-speed access, you get more than just the fastest home Internet access available, world-class support, and free installation with your one-year contract. You also get access to amazing games and entertainment options.

For the gamer, Verizon FiOS offers the Verizon Arcade, filled with the hottest game titles, on-demand, over your lightning-fast connection. Enjoy playing your current favorites online, or find new games to challenge your gaming abilities. Whether the gamer in your family is you or one of the kids, you’ll find a gamer’s paradise with Verizon FiOS.

Verizon FiOS also offers exclusive game reviews for your information and entertainment. Find out more about that hot new game you’ve been waiting for. And get access to industry news on games and game companies so you know what’s going on in the gaming arena.

For the non-gamers in your family, Verizon’s entertainment area also offers movie trailers and reviews, as well as candid interviews with the stars and directors of the big new movies. If you’re an entertainment buff, you’ll find plenty to hold your interest with Verizon FiOS.

The audiophile in your home will also find plenty to love with Verizon FIOS, with music videos, reviews, and exclusive features mixes of favorite songs.

Verizon understands that your Internet connection is a major entertainment outlet for you and your family. Verizon FiOS brings you the entertainment options you want, whether that be games, music or movies. You’ll have fun and be in the know with your Verizon FiOS connection.

Of course, entertainment is not your only reason for choosing Verizon FiOS. You want the best Internet access at the best price, with the best speed and support. Verizon brings all of this to the table.

When you choose an Internet service provider, you want to know that your access will be available when you need it, that you will get the support you need, and that you’re going to get exactly what you expect from your service provider. With Verizon FiOS, you’re working with Verizon, one of the biggest telecommunications providers in the world. You know you’re working with professionals and you’ll get the best service and support available.

Changing Internet providers can be a very daunting proposition, especially when it comes to installation. You probably do not want to pay for installation; you also don’t look forward to doing it yourself. With your one-year Verizon FiOS contract, you get free professional installation. A professional Verizon technician will set up your computer and actually get you on the Internet to make sure everything is fine before leaving.

If you already have broadband Internet access through DSL or cable, you may wonder if you should switch to Verizon FiOS. If you want lightning-fast speed, with fiber-optic cable running all the way into your home and the fastest home Internet access available, then yes, you should definitely switch to Verizon FiOS.

And Verizon FiOS costs less than many DSL and cable Internet packages, with rates starting at $42.99. With higher speeds, excellent service and support, and a great entertainment package, why not switch now?

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