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Verizon FiOS Tips for Getting Great Deals

Are you thinking about trying the new Verizon FiOS fiber optic digital TV, digital phone and high speed Internet services from Verizon? The Verizon FiOS network is being praised for its high quality, reliability, and innovation in the digital media field. Consumers that have tried the FiOS services have raved about them. The FiOS services are not available everywhere yet because of franchising issues but Verizon is working on rolling out the cutting edge Verizon FiOS digital TV, Internet, and digital phone services across the United States. If you are in an area where Verizon FiOS services are available and you want to get some great deals on FiOS services, here are some great tips on how to do that:

Go for a bundle to save a bundle - When you combine services you can save a lot of money. And really it makes a lot of sense to combine your Internet, phone and digital TV service and get all your services from one company. In some places you can get the high quality Verizon FiOS TV, digital phone, and Internet with speeds of up to 30 mega bytes per second for around $100 per month. That rate will depend on what services are included in the package and also what channels you choose for your digital TV service and what speed of Internet service you want but bundles are still a great value.

Call customer service – It can pay off big if you take the time to call a customers service rep at Verizon FiOS. A lot of the time there are special deals and promotional pricing offers that aren’t advertised but that customer service reps are authorized to give to customers who sign up over the phone. So it’s worth taking a few extra minutes to call the Verizon customer support center and talk to a customer service rep and ask about any promotional pricing deals or other special offers that are running at that time. That one phone call can save you a lot of money off your monthly bill.

Verizon FiOS Triple PlayLook for deals online – Often when you sign up for Verizon FiOS service online you can get special offers and pricing deals that are only available to online customers. You can also customize your service package online which lets you save money by choosing what features you want. Instead of paying for digital TV channels that you don’t need or equipment that you don’t want you can select only the options that you’ll actually use and then you can keep your costs low on Verizon FiOS services.

Customize your service – If you don’t need to get Verizon FiOS Internet service that has a speed of 30 mega bytes per second then go for the package that offers a 15 mega byte per second or 5 mega byte per second speed to save money. Instead of picking a digital TV package that has every channel including all the premium movie channels, pick one that has just the channels that you will actually watch. Customizing your services can help you knock some money off your monthly Verizon FiOS bill.

These are just some Verizon FiOS Tips for getting great deals.

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