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Get 100% Digital TV with Verizon FiOS

Perhaps you’ve heard the buzz about new Verizon FiOS. You may have heard it’s an all-fiber-optic Internet service. Perhaps you’ve heard it’s an all-digital television service far superior to cable. Which is it? Yes. Verizon FiOS is an Internet access service, and also 100% digital television.

"100% Digital" means that Verizon FiOS TV brings fiber-optic, digital television signal all the way into your home. While many cable providers brag about "fiber-optic connections", no one but Verizon brings fiber-optic all the way into your home. Cable companies only provide fiber-optic to the curb. As you can imagine, a truly 100% digital connection brings you much better picture and sound in your home theater system than cable.

Verizon FiOS TV brings you HD television over its fiber-optic network, providing the absolute best quality. You’ve invested in the best television and home theater equipment; it only makes sense to subscribe to the best television service, as well. That means Verizon FiOS, for 100% fiber-optic digital signal.

You will enjoy the On-Demand television selections from Verizon, which allow you to watch what you want, when you want. With your busy schedule, Verizon’s On-Demand service will help you keep up with your favorite shows and spend your free time the way you want. On-Demand also means you can watch movies from home without the expense and aggravation of going to the theater, and enjoy the hottest new feature films any time.

You’ll also enjoy a dual-tuner Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Telelvison networks have a knack for scheduling great shows back-to-back. Now you don’t have to choose. You can record one show while watching another, and play your DVR recording back whenever you want. No more fussing with a VCR or trying to find a blank tape; with DVR from Verizon FiOS you’ll easily record and play back your favorite shows.

Verizon FiOS offers the best premium channels available, of course, and you will enjoy access to your favorite premium series and new movies. Whether you’re a fan of Dexter or prefer the latest movies, you’ll find the premium channels you love with Verizon.

If you love watching shows from across the world, Verizon FiOS is for you, with a wide variety of international channels available right within your FiOS subscription. Keep in touch with what’s going on "back home", or just enjoy a bit of culture from around the planet. With Verizon FiOS, it’s easy.

If you’re currently paying for cable or satellite television, you’ll be amazed at the difference when you switch to Verizon FiOS. You’ll love the high-quality picture and sound that do justice to your television and speakers. You’ll enjoy having the best television and movies available at the click of a button with On-Demand services. You’ll wonder how you lived without the dual-tuner DVR, as you record one show while watching another—without fussing with VCRs and searching for blank tapes. And you’ll find the variety of content available from international networks and premium channels staggering.

If you value your television time and want the best available viewing experience, you owe it to yourself to get Verizon FiOS.

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