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5 Uses for Verizon FiOS Phone Service

Do you use a cell phone as your main phone and not pay for a home phone line? Millions of people got rid of their land line phones and now just use cell phones. But having a home phone line does have some uses. However, land lines are now outdated and passé. If you want to have the convenience of a home phone line without the hassle and expense of a land line you should get a VOIP phone like the Verizon FiOS digital phone service.

VOIP calls are made through the Internet. You can use a regular cordless phone that plugs into a special router that attaches to your computer or you can use a soft phone. A soft phone is calling software that is installed on your computer. As long as you have a microphone attached to your computer you can use a soft phone. So why would you possibly need to have a VOIP phone like the Verizon FiOS digital phone service? Here are five reasons why:

1. Cell phone batteries don't last long – Do you have a friend or a family member that you routinely talk to for hours? Cell phone batteries aren’t made to provide hours and hours of talk time but you can talk on a regular cordless phone using a VOIP for hours without the battery dying. If you want to have long phone conversations then having a VOIP phone like the Verizon FiOS digital phone service makes a lot of sense.

2. Unlimited calling including days – How many times have you gotten hit with a huge cell phone bill at the month because you went over your allotted daytime minutes and then got charged a lot of money for using more daytime minutes? When you use a VOIP phone like the Verizon FiOS digital phone service you can get unlimited calls meaning you can call people at any time of the day or night and not have to pay extra. No expensive daytime calls and no waiting until 7 PM or 9 PM to make calls for free either.

3. Long distance is included – Some cell phone plans make you pay extra for long distance or roaming. When you’re using a VOIP phone like the Verizon FiOS digital phone service you can call locally or long distance for one monthly fee. Some plans even include international calls to certain countries in that monthly rate. So you pay one fee and you can call just about anywhere that you want with no extra charges.

4. 911 service – It will be a lot easier for police, fire crews or emergency medical personnel to find you if your VOIP digital phone line is connected to your address. Calling emergency services on a cell phone can be tricky because it’s not always easy for emergency services to find you when the call comes from a cell phone. But if the call comes from a VOIP phone like the Verizon FiOS phone service then you can get emergency help right away if you need it.

5. You can have a business phone – If you work at home you should really have a business phone line so that clients and customers can call you, but many people are hesitant to give out their personal cell phone numbers. You can set up a VOIP phone line to be your business phone for a low monthly fee and then your business will look more professional and you can connect more with your clients.

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