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Verizon FiOS is Exploding Across the Nation

Have you heard about Verizon FiOS? The Verizon FiOS network is exploding across the nation, giving consumers a better and cheaper choice when it comes to broadband Internet, VOIP phone service and digital TV. Already industry experts are saying that Verizon FiOS will revolutionize the mass communications industry and drive down the prices that customers have to pay.

After all, who wants to pay the high prices that cable and satellite companies charge and deal with all the inconveniences that comes along with satellite and cable services when they could pay less for higher quality digital TV, super fast Internet service and crystal clear VOIP technology? No one, which is why the satellite and cable companies are paying close attention to the buzz about the Verizon FiOS services.

The basis of the Verizon FiOS system is an extensive fiber optic network. Using fiber optics instead of copper wire, which is what many satellite and cable companies still use, allows for more speed, higher quality, and better picture and sound. The traditional copper wires that other companies use are like garden hoses through which information, VOIP calls, and TV shows and movie flow through. Compared to those old copper wires, the Verizon FiOS fiber optic network is like a fire hose, allowing much greater amounts of information and data to flow through faster than any other network.

Most satellite and cable companies can’t produce an Internet speed of more than 8 mega bytes per second. Verizon FiOS Internet service can produce top speeds of 30 mega bytes per second. Think about that for a minute. Verizon FiOS is more than three times faster than the fastest Internet connection that you can get with cable. And it costs about the same or less in some places than cable Internet. It’s not hard to see why the industry experts are banking on Verizon FiOS to become the next big thing in communications.

It’s not just industry experts that are praising Verizon FiOS. Customers love the clarity and sound quality of Verizon FiOS TV, the convenience of FiOS VOIP phone service and the lightning fast speed of Verizon FiOS Internet service. And because Verizon is offering a superior product for the same price or less than the satellite and cable companies those other companies are being forced to drop their prices in order to stay competitive which helps consumers all over the country.

Verizon FiOS isn’t available everywhere just yet because some parts of the extraordinary fiber optic network are still being built and in other places there are franchise agreements that need to be worked out. But Verizon FiOS already has industry experts and consumers excited about the digital TV, VOIP phone and high speed Internet services that are offered. Check to see if Verizon FiOS is available in your area. If it is, sign up now and see what all the excitement is about for yourself. If it’s not available near you yet you can sign up for email updates that will let you know when you can sign up for Verizon FiOS in your area.

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