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Verizon FiOS - Use Video Conferencing and Other Business Tools More Effectively

Verizon FiOS Internet for businesses is the perfect tool to get you started. Are using all of the technological tools available for your small business as effectively as you can? Using technology is a great way to cut your business costs and make your business operate more efficiently, but you have to make sure that you have the right tools to do the job or else you will just end up making your business less efficient.

In order to use the technological tools that are commonly used by businesses today, the most important thing to have is a reliable and fast Internet connection. Using the Verizon FiOS Internet service, you will have the fast service that you need to send and receive large files and do other business tasks online. Here are just a few of money and time saving technological tools you can use with Verizon FiOS high speed Internet:

Videoconferencing – Traveling to meetings or having to spend all day at conference centers is now a thing of the past. Using special software, webcams and telephones or microphones, you can hold multi-person videoconferences online. You will never again have to pay for a meeting room, provide refreshments, pay for document creation or overhead projector costs or pay any of the other costs associated with business meetings.

For just the cost of the software and a reliable high speed Internet connection like Verizon FiOS, you can connect face to face with any business partners, employees, or clients that you need to from the privacy of your own office or the comfort of your home. No need to travel or even leave your building. Online videoconferencing is changing the way that small businesses do business.

Online Trainings – If you want to send your employees to training courses that will help them improve their skills or learn new skills that will really help your business but you can’t afford to pay for their travel, or if they have family obligations that make it impossible for them to travel, your employees can attend online trainings instead. With a fast Internet connection like Verizon FiOS, your employees can take part in interactive trainings during work hours so that you get better trained employees and the employees don’t have to change their schedules or inconvenience their families.

Instant Messaging – Most employers frown on having employees using instant messaging programs at work, but they can be a very effective way for team members to communicate with each other and with customers. Many customers love the ability to log in and talk to a customer service rep in a chat application online instead of having to wait on hold on the phone. If a team member is on the phone with a customer, he or she can also be helping someone else through instant messaging which increases productivity.

Team members can also ask each other questions about how to solve a problem while they are on the phone with the customer who is having the problem which eliminates the need for them to call the customer back later with the answer. That way the customer gets the attention and satisfaction that he or she wants instantly, which can improve your business reputation. But chats and instant message programs won’t work without a great internet service like the Verizon FiOS.

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