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How is Verizon FiOS TV Service Different from Cable TV?

There is a lot of coverage in the press lately about the new Verizon FiOS digital TV service along with the Verizon FiOS digital phone and Internet services. The Verizon FiOS digital TV service is being praised for its innovation and the cutting edge technology that is being used to support the digital TV, phone and Internet feeds. That’s because the Verizon FiOS network is the first digital TV, phone, and Internet system ever to use 100% fiber optic cable to build the network. The use of this new technology is a first in the digital media industry.

How is the Verizon FiOS fiber optic network different from cable?

Well the most basic difference is that they use different materials as the base of the service. The Verizon FiOS digital TV service uses a network made of fiber optic cables while cable companies still use networks made of copper wires. That might seem like a small difference, but it makes a big difference in terms of the quality of the service and speed of the service. The difference between the two materials is obvious from the moment you see the picture from Verizon FiOS digital TV as opposed to the picture from standard cable TV.

Verizon FIOSThe Verizon FiOS' fiber optic cables are like pipelines that allow huge amounts of information to flow through them, making it easier for the system to handle large amounts of data and large amounts of traffic. The copper wires that cable companies use can’t handle as much traffic or as much data, making it more likely that data and information will get clogged and the system will get overloaded.

Using fiber optics also makes the quality of the information sent through that pipeline better. People who have tried the Verizon FiOS digital TV service were blown away by the quality and sharpness of the Verizon FiOS digital TV picture. If you want to have the same quality picture that you see in a theater you need to have a high quality digital TV service like the Verizon FiOS digital TV service. Cable TV feeds are just not capable of delivering the same kind of quality that the Verizon FiOS digital TV system can deliver.

Because the Verizon FiOS TV service is 100% digital you also can do more with your TV service. Using the FiOS DVR you can record your favorite shows in real time and with the crystal clear picture of the FiOS system. You can also watch more movies on demand than you can get with cable and more TV shows from your favorite networks on demand. The Verizon FiOS digital TV service takes TV to a whole new level and really shows customers how they can get the most of out of their TV watching experience.

If you haven’t seen Verizon FiOS digital TV in action yet sign up today either online or by calling a customer service rep to see what you’re missing. Once you see for yourself the amazing picture quality that the Verizon FiOS digital TV service offers you won’t ever want to go back to regular cable.

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