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Streamline Your Household Spending Using the Verizon FiOS Triple Play

There is a better way to get TV service and fast Internet service. For a long time cable and satellite TV and Internet services were the only alternatives but Verizon FiOS gives consumers a better choice when it comes to electronic services. Verizon FiOS is the first fiber optic network in the United States, and the cutting edge network that Verizon FiOS has built blows cable and satellite TV and Internet services out of the water.

Verizon FiOS Double PlayCable TV and Internet service used to be considered cutting edge. But, technology has kept improving while the network of copper coaxial cables that cable companies have built around the country have not been upgraded to keep up with technology. When cable companies try to pump huge amounts of data through their outdated copper cable networks, that data clogs in cables that can't handle the increased amount of data. That means that consumers get muddy TV pictures and slow Internet. Many cable service subscribers can't use modern media applications online and can't download movies or music without waiting for hours because of the limitations of the old cable network.

Satellite TV and Internet services are even more outdated. Many satellite providers pick and choose the programming that they allow and have programs that only run on satellite TV, meaning you miss out on the hottest new shows that other networks are broadcasting. Satellite service can cut out because of the weather or because of other service problems meaning that consumers miss shows and have a lot of Internet downtime. Many housing communities and condo associations won't even allow residents to use satellite services because of the clunky and inaccurate satellite dishes that are needed in order for the service to work.

Verizon FiOS is the answer consumers have been waiting for. State of the art optic fiber cables carry huge amounts of information almost instantly to TVs and computers. Verizon FiOS users can get a crystal clear TV picture, real high definition channels that have unmatched picture and sound quality, and Internet that is fast enough to download music and movies in minutes as well as play video games, watch streaming content, and more. And you can get high quality Verizon FiOS service for around the same cost as traditional cable and satellite service.

Verizon FiOS offers great pricing packaging and bundles that let you customize your services. You can get hundreds of channels, including dozens of HD channels, along with true high speed Internet service and digital quality home phone service for one low monthly cost. Experts in the technology industry consistently give Verizon FiOS the highest marks for quality and speed when they review TV and Internet services. Consumers also give Verizon FiOS high praise for delivering great service at a great price. Verizon FiOS is often called the future of home TV services because the innovative fiber optic network that Verizon has built is ready to move forward as technology moves forward. Try Verizon FiOS just for a month and you'll never go back to cable or satellite services.

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