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5 Reasons to try Verizon FIOS Phone Service

Have you ever thought about switching to VOIP phone service from regular phone service? There are a lot of benefits that come with using a high quality digital VOIP service. Verizon FiOS, the first fiber optic digital VOIP service is one of the best VOIP phone services on the market because of the unique fiber optic cable network that Verizon is creating. If you’re thinking about trying Verizon FIOS phone service but you haven’t made the jump to trying it yet here are five reasons why you should give Verizon FiOS phone service a try:

1. Better Clarity

One of the biggest reasons that people avoid trying VOIP phone systems is the quality of the calls. People don’t want to switch to a VOIP phone service if their calls will sound bad. And some VOIP phone services don’t have a very strong network which causes a lot of dropped calls and a lot of poor quality connections. But Verizon FiOS phone service is 100% digital and all the calls go through fiber optic cables that act like firehoses pumping information. Verizon FiOS can handle a lot more data, meaning that all the calls you make will be extremely clear.

2. Less Interruption

VOIP phone services like the Verizon FiOS phone service depend on an Internet connection to make calls. And sometimes, your Internet connection can be slow or the Internet Service Provider can’t handle a lot of user traffic which results in your calls getting dropped or noise interruptions while on the call. Verizon FiOS’ powerful Internet connection means that you don’t have to worry about service interruptions or dropped calls.

3. Better Price

Most of the Verizon FiOS phone service plans are flat rate. For one low price you can make all the local calls and long distance calls that you want. If you want to add on international calls to your plan, there are many packages you can choose from to get a flat rate or discounted rate. If you want just the basic minimum of phone service you can switch to a low rate per minute plan. Regardless of which plan you choose you will be surprised at how much money switching to a VOIP phone service like Verizon’s can save you.

4. Included Features

With traditional phone service you end up paying extra for things like call waiting, voicemail, caller ID and other features that many people want to have. When you switch to a VOIP phone service like Verizon FiOS, most if not all of the features that you really want to have are included in your monthly flat rate. You won’t get nickel and dimed with a VOIP phone service.

5. Better International Call Rates

If you do need to make international calls that are not covered in your flat rate plan, you’ll find that Verizon FiOS international calling rates to many countries are below the cost of traditional phone companies. Plus you won’t have to pay an additional long distance fee or any of the other extra fees that traditional phone companies tack onto international calls.

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