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Verizon FiOS Has Great Things to Offer in 2009

The year 2009 is surely going to be a lot different than previous years. And Verizon FiOS TV is going explode in growth and reach. Cable and Satellite will have to up the ante and deliver quicker speeds. The American people are demanding it. Verizon FiOS TV has incredible picture quality and mind blowing audio.

The Verizon FiOS 100% digital fiber-optic network is getting alot of acclaim. With the HD channels bountiful and increasing, this service will be pretty standard soon. Watching TV in high definition is pretty amazing. Verizon FiOS offers in excess of 348 digital channels with approximately 200 in HD.

Verizon FIOSThe Essentials package costs around $47.99 and allots for 295 channels with fourteen in HD. This package includes music channels, local news channels, On Demand and various other miscellaneous channels. The On Demand feature allows for 10,000 movie titles each month and many of them are free to view.

The Extreme HD package costs around $57.99 a month and is one step up from the Essentials package. It includes everything that the Essentials package does with an extra 41 high definition channels and 14 sports channels. Customers with the Extreme HD package also receive an additional 16 standard definition channels.

And then there is the Verizon FiOS Triple Play package where you can get all 3 services - phone, internet and TV for one low price. And with this package you get 6 months free DVR service for a limited time only. This package is the most popular and offers the greatest value for the consumer.

For Spanish speaking customers, there is the La Conexion package for only $39.99 a month which gets you a potential 140 channels. A portion of these channels would be in Spanish while the others are offered in English.

Verizon FiOS comes with an interactive media guide that serves as a program guide or menu of times and programs. Verizon FiOS keeps the pricing very competitive in the marketplace and is catering to customers' needs. Affordability is crucial in fitting into a customer's monthly budget.

FiOS is changing the way consumers access the internet because of the high speeds. And also changing the way people watch TV because of the unreal sound clarity and amazing picture quality. These features will only continue to improve in 2009 as technology advances and the all digital fiber optic network improves.

In summary, the Verizon FiOS TV packages are worth the money and comparable to satellite service and standard cable. The year 2009 is going to prove to be a great year for Verizon FiOS, because of its award-winning fiber optic network.

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