Monday, February 1, 2010

Verizon FiOS is the First Fiber Optic Network

Using fiber optics for residential services like TV and Internet is still very new, and Verizon FiOS is the first entirely fiber optic network to be used by any company to deliver digital TV, high speed Internet, and digital quality home phone service to consumers.

Building the fiber optic network was a long and costly process, but Verizon FiOS realized that investing in building a strong fiber optic network from the ground up would put them on the cutting edge of TV and Internet service. Most cable companies are still using outdated networks made up of primarily copper cables.

These cables aren’t built to handle the data load that makes up the signal of today’s high quality HD TV programming. They also struggle to handle large downloads and chunks of information from the Web, meaning that multi-media content online is often degraded and either streams slowly or doesn’t look and sound as good as it should.

Using fiber optics allows more data to be sent at faster speeds to your TV receiver and Internet modem. The more data that comes through, the better the quality of the picture on your TV will be because that extra data will help enhance the picture and sound quality.

Fiber optic cables are like firehoses when it comes to delivering information and copper cables are like garden hoses. The first coaxial cable, the kind of cable that cable companies use, was introduced in 1940. Coaxial cable hasn’t really changed much in all those years, and experts predict that coaxial cables will soon be too outdated to handle most of today’s modern media.

Many people would prefer to get their TV service and Internet through a modern, updated firehose instead of an outdated, antiquated garden hose. With Verizon FiOS TV you get the ultra high quality that only a fiber optic network can provide at around the same cost, or sometimes an even lower cost, than most cable or satellite companies.

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