Monday, January 18, 2010

Verizon FiOS Unveils New Bundle Options

Verizon FiOS has unveiled new bundle options that deliver up to 35Mbps upstream and downstream and 90 or more HD channels. That is quite an improvement and a considerable option for people who are searching for bundled options.

Speed and HD are the two most desirable attributes that consumers want. This will affect the Verizon FiOS double, triple and quad-play bundles.

The Ultimate and Extreme Verizon FiOS Triple Play bundles include free access to thousands of Wi-Fi hot spots across the United States. Customers also have access to the leading Verizon FiOS TV video-on-demand service, with more than 18,000 monthly titles – including 2,800 in HD – and FiOS TV's advanced interactive media guide, with access to social networking, news and entertainment widgets and more.

The year 2010 will certainly be an exciting one for Verizon FiOS and all that it will offer its customers...

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