Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Verizon FiOS - Gift of Generosity

Verizon FiOS faces 2010 with strength, but this will prove to be a difficult year for many. As glad as we are all happy to see 2009 go, many will go into 2010 with a positive approach.

And with that spirit, Verizon FiOS has chosen a Tampa Bay area family to receive a complete home-technology makeover this month, and become local celebrities. This family will star in a locally televised show called "My Home 2.0" which airs later this year.

My Home 2.0 is a home-makeover TV show that transforms the lives of ordinary families. They accomplish this by giving the family technology upgrade of a lifetime. I am sure this includes Verizon FiOS TV to say the least. The episodes feature a busy, hardworking family daunted by the technical verbiage often used to describe the latest in computer and electronic equipment.

It is a great way Verizon FiOS is giving back to the local community in 2010. This should be commended for their thoughtfulness and generosity!

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