Thursday, October 22, 2009

Top Reasons to Use Verizon FiOS

Plenty of cable customers want to switch to a more reliable provider. Well, Verizon FiOS just may be your answer and here are some of the top reasons to use Verizon FiOS.

1. Affordability - Verizon FiOS is very affordable and competitive with cable companies and are always running promotions. Right now, FiOS offers $150 back for any bundled service new sign up. The packaged services are the way to go and offer the greatest consumer value!

2. Reliability - Verizon FiOS TV has one of the highest quality ratings of any TV and Internet service. Experts and consumers agree that the cutting edge fiber optic network that Verizon FiOS built provides the best TV picture and the fastest Internet service currently available. Customers depend on their TV and with Verizon FiOS - you can feel safe.

3. Flexibility - Verizon FiOS gives consumers so many choices. Hundreds of TV channels and many HD options will give the consumer wanting more. It is truly great to have such a wide selection of options.

These are just some of the reasons why so many people are using Verizon FiOS!

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