Thursday, May 14, 2009

Verizon FiOS - Real HD Channel Offerings

Verizon FiOS is in the lead for real HD channel offerings. And with 6 more channels being added, they will have a great HD arsenal. I think its a belief that HD is fantastic and will be the way of the future. If you have ever watched a movie or sporting event in HD, you'll know why.

Recipe.TV will feature famous chefs, amazing recipes, wonderful food and delicious cuisine from around the world.

Comedy.TV will feature the funniest comedians, with a mix of live concert performances, talk and variety shows, sitcoms and movies.

Cars.TV is a network that showcases the collectors, designers, innovators and ultimate-car enthusiasts.

The other three HD channel are Pets.TV, MyDestination.TV and ES.TV. Verizon FiOS should be proud to add these extra channels to the lineup as it strengthens their HD offerings....

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